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Morning Girls!! I've been MIA Since last week. Probably because I've been dippingin to the high carbs. (phew, confession's done!) Yes, I had a bad few days, but the good news is I'm back on track and only up 1.5 pounds!!! Should come off quick, right?

Ok, I'm with you guys on the busy weekend! Does it just get crazier the older they get! Tonight we are going to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party (45 min drive one way)! Then tomorrow I have a run scheduled with a friend at the gym at 8:30. Sometime between 9a and 5p we have to drive the the Boy Scout Expo (30 min drive one-way). Then we have a home game and after game party for hubby, because it's his birthday and I dont' even have him a gift yet!!!! Help!!

Ok, enough! I'm back on track. Had a good day yesterday and have started out great today. I must admit I didn't get TOO far off track, but you just beat yourself up over it after working so hard to get where you are. Well, I suppose I should make an attempt to look like I"m working on SOMETHING.

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