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angel--sorry to hear about your DS's birthday. Sounds like you definitely mor than made up for it. I remember forgetting my daughters birthday. I rushed to the store and bought cookies and dropped them off at her school. So far I've only had to "live" through 1 birthday celebration (my sis) and it was strawberry shortcake so easier to resist than say.....cherry torte. Not sure I'd be strong either!!!

Well, another cold day here (but I'm sure not as cold as some people have it). Tonight I have a sleepover w/my DD's Girl Scout troop. NOT looking forward to sleeping on the floor w/a bunch of chatty girls! Then tomorrow they're supposed to be going snowshoeing. Hopefully they cancel that due to being too cold! I'm trying to figure out what I can have for breakfast tomorrow morning seeing how I'm not going to have access to healthy food that I can eat (in fact, I'm bringing celery and stuff for tonight for ME to munch on due to them bringing junk food for the kids). Then I've got to rush home and take my youngest DD to this horse thingy. She might get to ride a horse...but once again w/it being this cold? Who knows! Then it's spending the weekend helping hubby stuff venison sausage (which I'm hoping I CAN eat!!). But from 8-12 I've got to look like I'm busy. Guess I'll be "laboring" over spreadsheets to see if I can get them to work out right before handing them into the boss.

Hope you all have a great day

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