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Originally Posted by Terra1984 View Post
WOW!!!!!! 2 Years and 4 months to get to 151, Dang I was hoping I would be at goal by next June My goal is 150
It depends on the person, but I've seen posters who have lost it faster, and some who have lost slower. The first 6 months, I wasn't really eating as clean as I could have, and I didn't lose much. It gets much harder when you are closer to goal. I was losing as much as 10 pounds when I was the 230+ pounds, while under 200 I struggled. Trust me, it goes by fast and you'll hit milestones along the way that will motivate you to keep going. For me, getting to 200 was a big deal, as was 150. While you could possibly reach your goal by next year, I wouldn't start with such a timeframe. Starting off with smaller goals helped me keep going. good luck!
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