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Good day all....I am too old for this. Chasing a terrier is only for kids. In the yard is okay, but he slipped his collar and headed towards the pitbull house. Bare foot and in a nighty giving chase....not a pretty sight. He knows sit, heel, stay and eat. But will not COME. about 16pounds and what'll you get....a new daughterinlaw and win our bet. I can't write poetry or sing. The music is in my soul and can't get out.

Lucinda...Our shelter too has so many mostly pits. They had 4 dogs we picked from. Jack a docksy was a yapper. One was female and old. I don't even remember the 3rd one as Robby was ours instantly. We have never had a little dog before.

Gayle...Did you find the puzzle site?

Bobbi...It was be getting soon now. Yes I've been running after pup with fingers and toes crossed for you.

Rosey...Cool? Wow how does it feel?

Donna...Have you watched the next episode yet?

Anybody have recipe for something with meatballs? gotta doing something for dinner???????

Karen...Hope you are getting so peaceful rest.

Off to check for report of storms. Cristobal should be heading to England. k3
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