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I am checking in after another couple of weeks of maintaining.

I'm finishing up the second tri, heading into the third - which is where (a) all sources admit that pregnant women need more calories, and (b) blimp out time happens all too often. The "easy" phase is over, since my appetite is almost back to normal and nausea is completely gone.

It seems that I can eat strictly for 2 days, then eat whatever for a day, and still stay right at 190. Calorie wise, it is something like 1800-1800-2500 cycles, and I am liking it.

I had a scan for an unrelated issue and the baby measured at just under 2lbs 2 weeks ago - 80th percentile for length/weight, always remembering that ultrasound isn't very reliable for that. I feel good about the eating thus far (even if I did have Pizza Hut two days ago and felt like crap for the next 24 hours. My system is acclimated to real food! It doesn't like crap anymore.)

Any other pregnant folks still working on this?
For the first time in my life, I believe that I can be slender, fit and toned. I always just thought that didn't apply to me. Why?

Goal 1: No longer obese - 185lbs: Reached 12/19/14!
Goal 2: Normal BMI - 154lbs: Reached 3/5/16!
Final Goal: 120lbs

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