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Hi everyone! Just got home this afternoon. We had a great time. It was the International Kite Fest and my dh had it on his bucket list. We had to reserve our condo about a year ago to secure a place at that time. The kite flyers are so skilled and it was amazing how good they are. We also attended an indoor kite competition. Besides the competitors, there were three young guys that performed who were especially good. One was on America's Got Talent a while back...last season? He was only 17. It was a nice surprise to watch him in person! Last night they flew lighted kites followed by fireworks. There were some performances still going on today and tomorrow but we felt last night was the finale. I enjoyed the fireworks more than our 4th of July community event because they weren't so the community event it seems like they go on so long and I get too tired. The weather was to be partially (mostly) cloudy all week but actually although there were some clouds, the sun was out every day and it was very pleasant. In the mid-high 60s. Yesterday was the coolest day, the sun only came out for a little while and last night was chilly. We took a blanket with us and it helped a little.

Lots of restaurant food to work off...I put on 2 more pounds! I'm sure it is mostly sodium so hopefully will fall off quickly.

I'm too tired tonight to do personals.
ETA: Whoops I see that the Connor was on AGT in 2010....doesn't seem like it was that long ago!

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