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Hey all,

Sounds like we all need a whoosh soon. Hup Hup PULL! ladees!

Whheelll.. I have survived day TWO without coffee!!! woo hoo. Yep, I've started up the required Austerity Plan (#103) to help lose this flubber: No coffee , no liq donuts , no bread, no rice. I haven't managed to give up coffee before, so cross fingers....I'm now in the weight range where I really notice the effects of fat-related inflammation. When I got below 207, things were better.....Hey! I found a study today where consumption of 8% powdered cocoa reduced some of the effects of fat-related inflammation in mice. much would 8% be ?? a whole box or two of Hershey's cocoa per day? (hold me back, ladees...I'm willing to try anything!.... coughs...spewing cocoa cloud)

Annnnd Day 2 of Clockwork Orange tests on my eyeballs by sadists in 2 different offices. (I actually asked them if I was now cured of my deviant inclinations, ha!--was thinking of the coffee habit.) I always feel like such a young whipper-snapper in those waiting rooms full of 80-year-olds. (Sad to have such "mature" eyes.) But good news is: I'm scheduled for lens replacement! Holy cow! What a marvelous world we live in! I can't see crap right now on accounta cataracts and other stuff, and I am sooooo looking forward to having them gone AND better vision--been nearsighted since I was 8......I just hafta keep busy, busy, busy so I don't think about the actual procedure!

.....let's keep losing ladees.....

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