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Hi guys! Checking in to see how everyone is coming along.

Struedel - Congratz on the nice drop to 215
LesMillsLuvr - I am not exercising and it's time I got with the program I bet the mud run was a blast. Have you always been a runner?
EasilyAmused - best of luck with your reloss back down to 207 Also, excellent phone-saving reflexes w/your wipeout! I don't fall often, but when I do, it's usually in the most awkward and attention-grabbing way imaginable. I hope your bumps and bruises are starting to fade.
thewalrus0 - I am so, so excited for you being *this closes* to Onederland
wannaskipandlaugh - sorry about the job loss No doubt there will be seasonal jobs aplenty imminently. I work in retail part time, and we usually start ramping up hiring in late September. I'm almost 50 and recently had the realization that I am older than every one of my managers at work. When did that happen, lol! Being at a healthy weight can only help as far as impressions go when a job consists of a lot of walking around and carrying stuff. Best of luck and keep us posted.
wuvchick - Hope you are having fun at the family camp. Is this a fishing trip?
DreamingSmall - Sending strength and support for the upcoming testing. Come see us here next time you reach for the ice cream We are here for you!
Doris5096 - Excellent update that you are staying sub-200!! Please save us a seat in the next thread when you move down
LaurieDawn - come join us!

I am one week out from my oral surgery (molar removal.) I'm recovering well and feel pretty good! I have lost 2 lbs since having the surgery, however :/ I am still on a soft food diet. Allow me to share some examples of what I have eaten in an effort to eat enough calories - cake icing straight from the jar, scrambled eggs with full fat cheese and a tab of butter, pancakes drenched in syrup. It's not a nonstop milkshake parade or anything, but let's just say I am going to have a major adjustment back to my default diet foods as I recover! Lawd!! The semi good news I guess is that I have dipped a hair below 200 lbs, a number I have not seen in a couple of months probably. I'm pretty excited! Might be temporary, and I'm okay with that, but it's starting to relight that fire of motivation. I'm working off a regain. I was very briefly at a low of 188 this past Spring.

Good luck, guys

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