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Jessica, I'm sure you missed the twins like crazy when you were gone. But there is something to be said for sleep!

Got my classroom ready yesterday which I didn't think would happen until Saturday. We have tons of meetings during preplanning with little time to actually prep, ugh.
We had a huge storm at our house last night and these frogs were croaking all night by our window. DH said he didn't hear them but they kept waking me up. However I realized that I'm having my pre-school worries and that's probably what was waking me up. Happens every year but once school starts all is fine.

DD comes home this weekend for about a week before she heads back to NYC for her last year of college. Unfortunately, I'll be working the whole time, the college class I teach starts up soon too. But I saw her for four weeks in CA so I can't complain.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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