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Thanks Joe and Sluggo, tomorrow afternoon will be my first session, whatever that means. I think I get to sample some of their products but not many because they have so many,lol. You would think they'd like you to get what you like.

I was reading over my contract and it shows prices of their products, but do you think I wouldn't have to buy another thing if I didn't want to and just went to weigh daily. That's a broad question, but sounds like they just can't guarantee my weight loss. But can they kick me out? Or just be mad at me for a year,lol.

I'm expecting the big sales pitch for the 30% discount tomorrow. It's a one time deal but it was going to be for 6 months worth of products ( I think). But, how will I know what I like or don't like?? I sure wish I had stuck to my guns last week for my consultation, but I didn't.

My PA moved and she had helped me lose 70 lbs, so I know I do better with encouragement. I've gained almost all of that back after she left. I'm still sad about that.

I am determined not to fall for the 30% discount and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to stick to my guns. It's hard to pay $ when you don't have it!

I think too, they said they wouldn't tell me what to eat until I reached my goal weight and was on maintenance. I asked about exercise, too, and they said I would lose with this program w/o it. That should have been a warning sign.

Wish me luck!!

Oops looked at the time and tomorrow afternoon is really this afternoon!!

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