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Andrea, Carter is a mixed bag as usual. We're keeping him behind a gate during all of their mealtimes and occasionally when they're playing. He's not interested in them if they don't have food, so this arrangement feels pretty safe, but he's also been extremely whiny, pushy, and annoying lately. When he's behind the gate even though we give him a special treat when we put him back there, he will just start barking and whining and pawing at the gate. Unless we feed him a steady stream of treats the entire time he's behind the gate, he whines and barks. Then when he's not behind the gate and it's close to baby mealtime, he will start whining and getting underfoot because he knows that when they eat he goes behind the gate and gets treats. He still has regular incidents of pooping in the house, and he still reacts aggressively sometimes when we try to get him to go out.

I don't really know what the best thing to do is. Our lives would be a lot easier if we euthanized him, but at this point he's more annoying than dangerous so we feel like it wouldn't be fair to him.
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