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Thanks Joe, I will definitely read your post. I'm supposed to go to my first meeting on Wed. and I think they are supposed to have samples of some of the food. Not all, I was told because they have so many. Well, I'd like to taste them all so I'll know what I like or don't like. Anyway, I'm supposed to go to the doctor that afternoon, fasting. Completely forgot that, so I can't sample anything. I hope when I call, they will let me cancel w/o too much trouble. I am having buyers remorse really bad!! I just can't see spending that much on supplements. Really, I don't know how much since they won't tell me,lol. Hope I find out at the first session.

I did look at that site that sells things for less and about died. That stuff isn't cheap by any means.

I will try and read your posts tomorrow night. We are still out of town and will be traveling tomorrow. I really do hope I can cut my loss. Again, I guess I need to listen to them first.

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