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Good morning! I am back from my business trip. DH and DDs survived for three days on their own, we had a nice weekend together, and then last night both girls slept all night without a peep. I got a whole solid 8 hours of sleep. Amazing! Didn't eat wonderfully on the trip but didn't eat terribly either, and I kept up my workouts.

We took the girls to our neighborhood pool yesterday where they have a little kid area that's only 1 foot deep and has a fountain in the middle. They had fun playing in there after we got the lifeguard to remove the dead mouse. Apparently this has been a common problem in the pool this season. Anyway there was plenty of chlorine so no worries. They had fun splashing around.

We're hoping for a reliable first word from them this week. They're really close to talking and sometimes we think they're saying a word, but we can't get them to do it repeatably to verify. They definitely understand a lot of words now and can point to things in their picture book when I ask them to and follow simple directions. They are also walking very well! I have a feeling they will be running very soon.
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