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Bill I found car camping to be quite enjoyable back in the day - showers, toilets, sleeping with an air mattress. I wasn't totally worn out when we returned the way I was with "canoeing everything in and sleeping in a tiny tent on a rock" camping.

I am totally enjoying little Natalie, having spent most of the weekend with her. Today is our "girls day" as DH is at work. I don't think DH and I realized just how depressed we were by having to watch our dear old cats die an inch at a time for close to 6 months. I am still getting used to the idea of playing with Natalie (I call her that when DH is not around as he has a co-worker with that name who is proud to call herself a b*tch and act like one) and having her "help" me with everything.

This morning we did yoga. Another lifetime ago I would have been annoyed at how much Natty was in my way (she's a power snuggler and doesn't take no for an answer) but this morning I accepted that I wouldn't get much of a stretching in. I did get a lot of affection and a good dose of joy at being alive - a very fair trade off IMO.


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