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I had a consultation 7/31 for the 30/30 and never even heard that mentioned and forgot to ask,lol. I went in, just to see what it was about and ended up spending over $600. I don't go to my first meeting until 8/6, so still don't understand what I signed up for. Just know to take 2 different vitamins until then.

The counselor didn't make any sense when I kept asking the total price. She asked why she would tell me a price before I had gone to my first session. She did keep telling me about the 30% offer and that it was the best way to go. Something about getting 6 months of??? no clue. She told me one lady bought just desserts. They don't even have a variety pkg to see what I want. She finally told me it would be $3,000 plus, think it was more like $3,500. But, I'd be saving around $1,500 or something like that.

I just glanced thru a thread that I didn't realize ended in 2013. I saw where some were charged another amt. later w/o knowing. Is that right?

What exactly is the plan?? The salesman told me to enjoy this w/e because I wouldn't be eating like it again! Lol, I have taken her at her word and pigged out!

I guess my question is will I be paying a lot more on Wed.? Do I have to buy more each week or month? Can I quit before I even start? Buyers remorse.

I just don't want my CC to be charged each month w/o me knowing.

And can you explain what food I will be expected to eat?? TIA
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