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It has been two weeks since my last post. Time to update! About to be 24 week pregnant.

I have had a couple of unmeasured, unlogged food days that I estimate as around 2400 calories each. The lowest I've gone is 1600, but I ate such a high volume of veg and eggs that day (was quite full) that I opted not to pile on calories just for the sake of calories. I've had pizza once, and the only days without fruit/green veg I ate a lot of beans (tex mex day.) Whole milk OR greek yogurt is mandatory daily, as are eggs or 6 oz of meat. The rest I try and fill with higher fiber/vitamin fruit and grain products.

For the past 4 days, the scale has hovered around 191.5. I am losing small amounts of body fat - my sides slim out first, and this week I noticed that the midthigh area has slightly narrowed. No idea about the belly fat - too hard to determine much when my uterus is growing simultaneously.

Today is my nephew's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Some have salad bars (?) so I plan for 1 slice of pizza with a salad. We'll see!
For the first time in my life, I believe that I can be slender, fit and toned. I always just thought that didn't apply to me. Why?

Goal 1: No longer obese - 185lbs: Reached 12/19/14!
Goal 2: Normal BMI - 154lbs: Reached 3/5/16!
Final Goal: 120lbs

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