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hi all!!

wanted to start the new thread last night, monday my time, but figured Id let the "majority monday" be the real one hehe

I had a good weekend, took a unplanned free-day friday because my MIL decided that by "no fat on my potatoes" i ment no margarine, so she used oil instead ahh well. I ate very few potatoe slices, and some pork tenderloin, and 2cups of popcorn and a bar of 80% cocoa chocolate thats my whole freeday! im still in shock lol

the rest of my weekend was right on, workout and food wise (Even with eating out at bf's dads birthday last night). roast and baked potato and salad. GO ME! No ice cream, no bread. And its getting easier

today is chest/bi's and some cardio. right now im off to get dinner started and eat some salad (god bless "salad in a bag"!)

ILENE!! CONGRATS on teh 2 # loss... sometimes you have to mix up your diet and take a break and the just go away on their own.. cruel fate eh? only works when you dont expect it to tho...

*HUGS* to all

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