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Good morning everyone!

Had a good LBWO today - finally back doing hamstring exercises, as my lower back is finally not hurting me so much. This is week 4 of my current Challenge, so I think I'll finish this week out the normal BFL way before changing to different splits.

For those who are curious, the coffee date went well - in fact, I had two this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday, and they both went well. Both were internet things, and both agreed we should have dinner this week to talk more. Quite the ego boost after the disaster of a few weeks ago! And even if neither turns out to be romantic, it would be nice to expand my circle of friends some, as I've lived here 3 years, and don't really know anyone outside of work. Hey, maybe that's another reason to join a real gym!

Hope to get my eating back on track today - the weekend wasn't terrible, but I missed a lot of meals - only had 3 yesterday! And, not nearly enough water. That is one good thing about the work week - it keeps me on schedule food-wise.

Well, need to get back to work - you gals have a good one!
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