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What a busy week on here, you ladies are killing it! Thanks for all the birthday wishes Means a lot for sure!

Kukkie, I hear ya on the lunches. I used to be the same way - now I make it a point to just eat in when people get up and head out to 4 different places, all yummy and full of carbs. My hotel is like 5 mins away so if I find myself having to get out, I head to the hotel and have my healthy lunch. Proud of you!

patchwork, ouch! Sounds like a painful process; hoping things go smoothly and recovery is "simple" and quick for his sake (and yours)!! Good luck with the car and yoga. I used to have a 2002 Mustang GT and my ex boyfriend would tinker with it..I always felt like it was more broken after he "got done working on it". Sounds like if your hubby is doing a full motor swap, he obviously has a clue so should be done soon!

Sarah, my London trip was June sooo I didn't hit my goal AND I haven't spent the time to update the signature, lol. Not a good look for me It was a great trip; was not at my ideal weight but can't stop enjoying life just because my mouth, brain and belly can't get their act together at the same time

Rennie, sending a whoosh vibe your way girl. You deserve it for all the hard work you've put in to drop from mid 60's to 50's lately. Killing it!! Just joined the Aug thread Well, set my placeholder.

jude, just saw you posted - glad there is no external or internal damage! I know about the pride thing. At work I was rolling forwards in the chair trying to scoot over to a coworker (not very far away) and the carpet was weird so the chair did not roll smoothly and before I even realized it, the chair was tipping forward b/c the wheel was stuck on the carpet and my body did not stop tipsy turny down I went. Was not a cute or graceful tumble. Just an awkward "how did you do that" moment. Cute coworker STILL gives me heck on that.

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