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I haven't updated in more than a month but I just finished up week 6.

I remember reading what week 4 entailed and thinking I can't run for 5 minutes straight! Oh to be back at week 4. Oddly enough day 3 of week 5 wasn't hard at all (running for 20 minutes), but I had some trouble with week 6. I didn't give up or walk or anything, but I was just way more tired. I think perhaps the change was the weather. It got HOT last week even around 10 PM along with the humidity! Plus day 2 of week 6, I ran 30 minutes after I ate (worst decision ever. I felt so heavy running and had side stitches like mad, but I did it!).

I just completed week 6 day 3 about 4 hours ago and it wasn't hard except I was uncomfortable due to the heat.

And question, how do you guys breathe while running? I read so many different methods from "professional" sites. When I was running just 5-10 minutes, the shallow mouth breathing in and out worked, but as I'm running longer, I can't seem to get a pattern in my breathing. Any help?

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