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Originally Posted by IP43 View Post
Leave the candy alone and just do the best you can. Honestly, if I were lightheaded and at risk of passing out in a foreign country, or if exercising is dangerous, I think I wouldn't stress about making a bad food choice. It's a new day and you are back on track. Eat the best choices that you can and don't stress.
Argentina is famous for their beef - search out a place where you can get tapas and get some veggies done in olive oil (drained though) and some grilled meat. If you feel lightheaded you need to eat something a bit more substantial than candy - which will spike your insulin and cause a worse crash. Try to find a piece of fruit instead in a worst case scenario and some protein to keep your blood sugars at even keel. Get soda water, and muddle it with mint & lime for your spritzer. Hang on and take a deep breath. You will be OK... just do the best you can at each moment and don't do the 'well, I blew it so I may as well go whole hog" routine. Just work it one moment at a time. Next time you take a plane trip try to get a special meal ordered - if you are flying internationally there is no extra cost.

You can try some body weight exercises in your room - google or youtube if you have availability at the hotel.

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