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My laptop is finally back from the laptop fixers! They had to replace my whole lid/screen cause it went black 2 weeks ago. It got sent off but because it was less than a year old I paid only for the labour, which was well worth it. It seems though I have chosen one of the most expensive to fix screens as the whole thing has to come off and be replaced. Thankfully this happened while less than a yea old and an employee where I bought it found the actual transaction for when we bought this. Very happy to have it back.

AND credit moi for weighing in this morning. I felt "fat" and "heavy" and have had two weigh-ins where my weight has steadily climbed. I am still eating low carb but not low cal and not totally tracked either but no snacks, just three meals. So yesterday morning I was back to 276.9 and despairing that today I would be back to where I started last week, esp. since I "feel it" and nope. Wrong. Scale read 272.3 which was a shocker! Good news as I prepare for another big workday and then we leave for an overnight trip to Ottawa tomorrow, back Sunday and the final push to get ready for my art opening on Thursday evening. I have started piece #5 and need 5 more! OMG coaches. I hope to get #5 completed this morning then begin #6. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Whoop-De-Do BBQ for an art teacher of mine. We were asked to bring good wishes or a bottle of wine and so yesterday I bought some Meade at a local winery! OMG I have discovered I *love* meade. No surprise since I studied medieval art and history! More of a surprise why I have only just tasted it in my 50th year. The winery also had bottles of Apple Jack! Made me miss my brother as he would have loved a gift of Apple Jack. *I* also loved it. Like a smokey apple bourbon. I don't drink because I come from a family of addicts and I'm not fooling myself over the power that stuff has for us, but wow. WOW.

Ok better go.[B]

Wish me luck getting my work done today!
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