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Default Phase1 24-hr Travel Cheat! Help!

Oh this is an awful trip to Argentina already. I was doing so well and had 1-week's worth of food packed etc and had to check a bag I planned for carryon. Because of chaotic meetings and racing to the airport - I had only my coffee in the AM and didn't stop, literally until sitting on the first flight. At the layover in Atlanta I ate celery and soda water at the lounge but feeling nice and faint and ill, I broke into some of the candy I was bringing to S.America (special request) which I purchased for others at the terminal. After eating that like a fool (the airline had NOTHING at all carb free for the first 2hrs into the flight and I was very very late to the airport due to meetings), I decided to add wine to it and then finish off the candy! To make it worse, I get plunged into another fancy luncheon upon arrival and since my 24-hrs of h*ll started, I decided to just blow it for only 24-hrs and enjoy bread, wine, and more candy!!! Now it is a new day, 7am, and I will start again. I don't know how much damage I did - I dread it (and the hotel doesn't have a gym and it's not so safe here to run the streets at 6am). I'm really going to have a horrible time this week I see. The hardest part is the white wine 'spritzers' I used to drink when traveling - they were light and I would sleep better but on this diet the NO alcohol is a headache! I can give up candy/carbs/sugar but my nightly spritzer is a tough one. I've lost 8lbs in 2.5weeks and only 8 more to go but I'm probably starting over after yesterday. Any help, suggestions, etc. all welcome! Now to find coffee and no such thing as nonfat milk here either!!! The good thing is there is no shortage of protein and salads and fish...but munching on soy nuts all day is a problem because I didn't bring that many...HELP :-) Thanks!!!!
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