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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies It was the day to organize books that have spilled into stacks surrounding the favorite reading chair - not a pretty site. Turned out that I had 26 books containing a bookmark suggesting that I wasn't done yet. So part of the 'organizing' was to accept that I was, in fact, done with at least half of those; I'd gotten what I wanted from them and had no intention of reading more. I gathered three cardboard boxes of books to leave the house whether nobly or in disgrace. I sold them to DW for $1 each (a good price!) and will never have to worry about them again. She is much better at giving away books than I am. It's easy for me to handle the junk books that I think no one should read and the thrice read mass market paperbacks that have earned their cost, but it's hard for the nature books in pristine shape still worth their $30 cover price. Now they're her problem. Yay for married life.

Eating and exercise continued as OKish - CREDITish moi. My major accomplishment was to buy an inexpensive landline telephone for an upstairs corner of the house where it's nice to have a nearby phone when it rings. Fortunately, Radio Shack still sells such things (at near give away prices). The other stores just looked at me as if I had two heads, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Congrats on good blood tests without taking a daily multivitamin. It was one of life's great disappointments to learn that no long term study reported a benefit to multivitamins - with the single exception of folic acid for pregnant women. [Thanks for the tip about Frozen.]

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Hope that new Thai restaurant is satisfactory so that you can use it for your desired break from cooking. Kudos for a good day with food.

maryann - Have a happy camping trip.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Ouch for one person's stress - Double Ouch for two people's stress stacked up. Hope that headache disappears along its own merry way.

Carol Sue (Wannabehealthy) - Ouch for the loss of family heirlooms - good luck processing that loss, even now so many years later, so you can let it go.

Readers -
day 20 Get Back on Track

What did you eat? An extra hamburger? A doughnut? A slice of pie? Let's say you ate some food that contained 500 calories. To gain 1 pound, you have to eat in the neighborhood of 3,500 extra calories - seven times what you ate. An extra 500 calories is not going to noticeably affect your weight. So you've eaten 500 calories - so what? Does it make more sense to stop now or to keep eating? There's no reason to keep eating and take in an extra 100, 200, 300, or even 3,000 calories.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 166.
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