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S/C/G: IP 7/9/2014 240.4/204.4/150

Height: 5'4"


Ruth Ann, Rosie Posie, 65X65 -- thanks so very much for the kudos!
You guys model the behavior and I am taking your lead. It helps me so much!

Not sure that I mentioned that I was the creator of the meeting - developed the agenda, brought in the speakers, red teamed the presentations, etc.. making this a fairly stressful couple of days, even if I were not trying to lose weight. I did stay away from the sugary treats again today - not a smidge. And while feeling pretty good about it, I got lots of 'attaboys' for the quality and usefulness of the meeting. I feel doubly proud of myself!

Our next meeting will be in October and today I was thinking about how different I will look the next time this crowd sees me... that's a great experience to look forward to!

End of Week WI:
#1: -6.4; #2: -3.0; #3 (10 days): -3.0; #4: -2.4; #5: -1.6; #6: -2.6;
#7: -2.2; #8: -2.4; #9: -0.2; #10: -3.8; #11: -2.0; #12 (16 days): -6.0;

Mini goals:
- down 25lbs by Sept 18 - Goal met - down 28lbs by Sept 18!!
- hoping for Onederland by October 30 official WI...
- down 50lbs by Christmas, 2014
- goal, down 90lbs by April 30, 2015
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