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I can second Wannabehealthy that massive amounts of veggies made a difference for me. I can't stand them steamed so I eat them raw in giant salads or roasted or stir-fried (sometimes both) in any number of dishes including with a small amount of pasta. I've also been aware that the nutrients in the veggies may be what has calmed the cravings. I know that my blood tests just came back with all the nutrients where they should be, even though I gave up my multi-vitamin years ago.

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nationalparker: thinking of you. It took us 3 months to empty my parents house. But, they hadn't moved in something like 15 years, so there was a lot of stuff in nooks and crannies. I'm sorry this is turning out so difficult. I like the link that AZtricia came up with. Another method: give everyone a different colored post-it-note pad. Each person puts his or her post-it on the things that he or she wants. Things that only have one post-it go to that person. Things with no post-its go to the charity shop or in an estate sale. Things with two or more post-its get negotiated. At least, then you know what the real problem areas are and aren't arguing over things that don't matter that much to any one.

BillBlueEyes: I have "Let it Go" in my Good Morning playlist -- so I'm frequently listening to it while posting! Like right now...
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