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Default Thursday night


Eating was to plan and exercise was walking 10K steps and going to gym. I am staying within a fairly constrained eating plan and at the moment it is easy because I seem to be focussing on other things - I am sure that will change but it is lovely when food is not the centre and where what I eat is enjoyable and enough

I am now talking to the dogs again even though they created mayhem, because it was my fault to overfill the slow cooker - but it is a surprise when they occasionally remind me that in fact they are little animals and they behave accordingly.

BillBE - glad you are winning with the plumbing and that you now have a functioning dishwasher. Credit for being OK with eating and exercise - that is a success

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I saw your mammoth job with the blinds - I was impressed. Serving $1000 of bacon/eggs is also impressive - the sheer exercise of it. You step count per day when you work would be outstanding. Glad you had a good food day

Wannabehealthy - thanks for sharing your insights about sugar cravings. I do find when I am focussing on veggies I generally eat better too

Maryann - your walking adventures have been interesting - makes me want to get outside my comfort zone and take off. Credit for taking the power to resist and refuse a desired food

Tricia - Huge Credit for the weight loss - you are on a roll. Hope you got rain.

Nationalparker - Your situation sounds really difficult and that would be difficult to navigate - you are doing well to maintain a sensible approach to food so credit. You know you need to protect your interests in this and stay firm and focussed so sending supportive thoughts your way

- Checked in
- Ate on plan
- Measured my food
- Ate sitting down
- I stopped eating when satisfied
- Weighed myself
- Exercised - got to gym
- Made opportunities for incidental exercise
- Made a food plan for tomorrow - and have packed lunch

Short Term Goal

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