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Laurie: I know, right? I'm working up to it. It might take a little while, but I have faith I might just get there eventually. Aw, Laurie, I can understand being a little frustrated about the thought that he's going to drop his weight faster than you will but just keep thinking of the positives. The fact is that it may take you longer to get there, but your journey has contributed in at least some ways to inspiring him to make some healthy changes, too. Embrace that.

Diane: Ugh. That sounds like it would have been frustrating for anybody. You're right, though. Sometimes even the best of us have a workout that just feels like a bust. Hold on, the weekend is coming soon and hopefully your next workout will feel more productive and successful.

Sunny: I am seriously in envy of your access to all of those delicious fruits, vegetables, and meats. Getting hung up at a plateau is always difficult, especially when it's one you get hung up on often. Hang in there, stay the course, and you'll break through.

Uber: I've known I wanted to be an author since I was six. I've always been aware that big fame is rare and, generally, writing is just like any other day job. And I'm okay with that. The biggest obstacle for me and my writing is my struggle to produce perfection. I would get so terrified that I wasn't doing a concept justice that I'd find myself frozen in fear. Starting NaNoWriMo back in 2006 or 2007 has done wonders to help me overcome that, but it can still be debilitating on occasion.

One of these mornings you're gonna wake up and break through that bouncy 261 lb barrier. And when you do, we'll all be right here ready to cheer for your success.

As for me...
Saw 225.2 lbs on the scale again this morning. Not gonna record it officially, but itís nice to just put it on the unofficial record. Did twenty modified pushups all in one go this morning. My shoulders and chest are a bit sore this morning from all the workouts, but the pain will be worth it in the end.

Additionally, woke up to pouring rain. Iím not sure exactly when I might get a chance to take Luna for her walk, but Iíve got to make sure that I get it in. Even if I have to only do a single little loop. She needs her walk. I need the walk. I use the walk to work through things and to clear my mind and I feel like I'm going to need that today.
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