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Oh my gosh, I just was in the middle of posting a long thread and suddenly the Internet ate it, so starting over.

Sunny: Those blueberries look divine, and your homesteading adventure is fascinating. That is definitely one of my big fantasies, although realistically DH, who grew up on a farm, would probably do ALL of the work, while I sat inside at the computer thinking about it. I am right there with you about being stuck at a certain weight. It is EASY to get discouraged and give at up points that make you feel like you are working so hard but haven't really gotten anywhere. I'm sure we'll both get there soon! It has to happen!

Laurie: I hear you about the DH. Mine hates sweets, never touches junk food, and happily eats my "diet meals" without complaint. In fact, I think he actually likes my "diet" cuisine better-- because I cook a lot of veggies and lean protein. He won't eat fatty stuff-- so my signature high calorie mac and cheese, for example, is something he doesn't like much. Sometimes I look at his plate and realize that he isn't eating any more than I am, and I feel bad, but in general, it's easier that way.

Diane: I'm intrigued with your tales of spin class. I've FINALLY finished the big project I was working on, and so today I start exercising! I've always been a solo exerciser-- weights, treadmill, and swimming, or walking or running outside. When I get back from vacation, I'm joining the gym, and I'm wondering if I should consider trying a's mostly embarrassment and fear of buff other women that stops me, but also, I'm not particularly social and kind of enjoy working out alone...

LotusMama: Welcome back! I think that "pretty good" is good enough for a long weekend of travel. I agree that one of the most important things for all of us is to learn how to manage going in and out of our comfort zone without being derailed.

Jessica: Keep writing! I had to work and write for more than 10 years before I actually started making enough money to live on that income alone. And I know that I'm most likely one flop away from going back to the day job. I think most of the joy of writing comes from the work itself-- when $ comes it's an unexpected payoff!

Mandy: I'm right there with you on the "food is evil" and "less is more" front. I'm competitive and have a tendency to go to extremes, which is not helpful in dieting and does push me to binge. It's bad for me because I think I have a really slow metabolism and even when I tightly control my calories, I still lose really slowly.

Lisa: Welcome! I think I remember your name. I lost 110 in 2009-2010 and kept it off until 2012, but since then I have been cycling up and down the same 20 lbs without ever pushing back down. I'm finding this group super helpful for keeping me on track!

As for me? On the 261 trampoline, bouncing up and down from 261.2 to 261.4. Sigh. I'm hoping that one of these days I'll have a nice 2 lb whoosh and land at 259 without having to stop at 260 at all. I finished my big project and sent it off yesterday, and so now, and today I start exercising-- phase 2 of my plan.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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