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I've tried many too, like others.
-Calorie counting- Lost 40 pounds but also exercised twice a day(Run in the morning and a hour before dinner).
-Marathon training diet- lost about 20 but my body was smaller from the muscle.
-Atkins Carb - Works lovely. I just can't eat all the meat and cheese.
-South Beach- Lost nothing. Hated how I felt.
-Paleo- Didn't like it but I did learn coconut oil helps me lose.
-WeightWatcher- Lost nothing, learned nothing. It's the reason I started calorie counting.
- Impatient Dieter- I followed her diet from youtube and I lost a lot of weight quickly until I got sick of drinking the 6 shakes a day.

So I searched and found IP. It's more flexible for me. Through all this dieting I know what my body can handle and how long I can tolerate everything. Since I've moved over to vegetable protein I like the diet more, probably because I don't feel sick. After I get to my 1st goal I'm going to continue vegan/sometime-vegetarian and intermittent fasting. That combo has worked for me as well.

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