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Good morning everyone (at least here in PST)

Martini Good luck with the weigh in at the MD!

Laurie Too funny about dressing better after a small loss! It's so true, and just shows how much of how we look is actually just about how we feel!

Diane I know exactly what you mean about just getting tired of the whole thing! I can't decide if this mindset is the thing that will bring me down, or actually a pathway to an even better way of looking at things. I keep fantasizing that MAYBE I could just for once and for all stop doing the stuff that made me hit almost 300lbs, permanently eat in a reasonable manner, stop obsessing, and find my "natural weight" Well, not yet. But maybe some day.

Jessica Only you know what's best for you! I don't know why some people just want to insist on their opinions, but the best thing to do is just tune them out. Honestly, when people post stuff that irritates me on FB, I just hide their posts. Life is too short.

Sunny Total awesomeness about your garden! We have one and we are absolutely inundated with tomatoes right now, which is so great because I can literally live on fresh tomatoes and they are so diet-healthy!

Thank you all for the SHUT UP UBERs! So, I'm still up .8 from my low weight, but I dined out at a Japanese restaurant last night, meaning more sodium. Had black cod with tiger shrimp-- delicious, and calorie friendly.

I just keep thinking that if I don't give up eventually I'll lose weight-- no matter what.

A question about food logs: I've been using fitday for years-- I've got weights and calories going back to 2009. But fit day is terrible-- they have the worst food list ever. I tried my fitness pal the other day-- and it is way more user friendly. So, trying to decide if I should actually switch.... fit day has the advantage of having ALL of my previous weights and a long list of "custom foods" that I've added. But MFP is easier and seems to have a much better and more realistic database. Opinions?

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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