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Hello All
I need to get better at being here every day at least for one check in! So much has happened! Welcome to everyone new - I'm looking forward to catching up and reading all of these posts when I have some time on my train ride home today. For now I'm going to skip the individual replies until I can get caught up and just share my update.

OMG I AM SOOOOOOO HUNGRY!!!!!!!! Thank you start of TOM and a cruel workout with my trainer this morning. I did try to add some 'more than usual' calories on to breakfast today knowing that I get like this at TOM but honestly.....doing no good. My stomach is just grumbling away over here at my desk screaming 'Feed Me Seymour" (for those of you new I work in entertainment...I can't help a good Broadway reference sometimes) So it's one of those kinds of days even though I'm having a great week. The scale is attempting to creep down however today being the start of TOM I'm not really looking to see any changes until Sunday/Monday. I was shocked I wasn't up 4-5 lbs of water this morning - so I'll take it. I've been really sticking to my 'healthy living' food plan. Thankfully I have a lull where I don't have any major work drama going on for a little travel, no meetings, no parties, no lunches so I'm really using this time to dig in and focus. I've been having some pain in my hip so I'm working on that with my trainer along with everything else and just trucking on through.

On the homesteading front I picked up our first fresh chickens of the year this week and started our winter stock up (I buy fresh whole chickens from a local farm once a month through the summer and fall, quarter them myself and set aside 'meal size' portions in a deep freezer and then make my own stock for all winter). I've also got a lot of zucchini and squash coming in in my small garden that I have going for this year while I work on laying out the big one. I discovered we have a huge butternut tree in our yard too (white walnuts) so I'm now also harvesting and stealing nuts from the squirrels! I'm going to go off to the farm this weekend to self-pick hopefully about 15lbs of blueberries and start processing those and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get another 10lbs or so from my parents...they live in Maine and pick them wild by the bucketful where they live. I know it sounds like a lot but I freeze a bunch and use them for things like baking or putting in oatmeal and I also plan on making a TON of jams and 'butters' and canning them to over winter and also to do for holiday gifts this year. Basically my goal as a part of losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle is really to cut as much of the grocery store out of my life as possible and get to a point where all of our meat is raised (humanely and happily) within 30 miles of our home and to grow and preserve as much as possible in the summers so we can eat local garden fresh all winter. Also in all honesty....It's cold here in New England in the a secondary perk of preserving our own food my goal is to also NOT have to grocery shop in the snow I know some of you asked for photos when I mentioned my garden last post - rest assured I am documenting everything I'm doing with the hopes of putting together a blog down the line so I will have plenty to share at some point once I get it all together. I think what I'm going to do is document now and make creating the blog a winter project. I'm hopeful that I'll have a nice example of lifestyle change and weightloss by the time winter rolls around!
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