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Mandy - WOOT! Your victory trumps any scale and/or non-scale victory here. I'm so excited for you and your new life. And it sounds like you kept your food choices reasonable. You're well on your way to figuring out how to maintain, at least how I understand it. Maintainers I've seen on here often eat high-cal meals for special functions, but then are able to go right back to eating more normally.

Uber - Oof. Those are the worst! And, actually, the reason that I have resisted weighing daily. I have no words of wisdom, mainly cuz you know if all anyway. The hardest part of weight loss is the psychological part of it, and you're definitely being tested right now, but if you can endure this part of it, it's easy sailing. Right? =)

Martini - When I did my anti-scale thing (which was actually pretty successful), I focused on embracing the great things about regular exercise and calorie restriction. (I don't know if that's what you're doing, but I'm saying it for demonstrative purposes.) I loved being able to do more. I loved how, once I got into my plan, I was able to feel like I had more control of my food. But a good step on the scale can be highly motivational as well. =) Hope it goes well at the doctor.

Jessica - I very much dislike uninformed opinions. Who cares if you're taking supplements for weight loss or for depression or for help sleeping or whatever? So long as you have done the research and feel comfortable that they're safe, it's wonderful that you have found some things to help. I take a daily vitamin, fish oil, potassium, iron, vitamin C (because otherwise, my iron is too low to give blood), B12, biotin, fiber, and lysium. Taking care of our health in the best way we know how is not "lazy."

Diane - If we got paid for words, I would definitely have the fattest check. I am irresponsibly wordy. I am in the "honeymoon period" right now, where it all seems so easy and I don't understand why I would be the least bit attracted to the donuts in the conference room right now. But I so relate to those pockets of time when eating all the "good stuff" seems so much better than making ourselves crazy with the weight loss stuff. White knuckle days. I'm so sorry you're experiencing them, but you've gotten through them before, and you'll get through them now.

The scale continues to be kind to me. I'm down another .8 pounds from yesterday. Just accepting and embracing.

Things are thawing on the home front. I really don't think it's weight loss related drama (though the weight loss craziness has added to it), but more adjusting expectations of how this new blended family will work. For example, if it were my kids, I would not feed them at 11 p.m. because I don't think it's good to wake someone up, fill them full of fast food, and load them back into the car so they can fall asleep again.

Interestingly, he complimented me on the outfit I chose to wear to work today. When I'm gaining (which is what happens when I'm not actively losing), I wear very conservative clothing, partly because it's hard to care and partly because I am hiding my body. But when I'm losing, I tend to be more confident and adventurous, even though I know that nobody sees any difference between 239-pound me and 232-pound me. In that way, I think the weight loss will enhance the relationship. Just gotta be patient and let things shake out a bit.
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