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Default Fourth Day on Sonoma

My weight was just exactly the same as it was yesterday - 172. For breakfast yesterday, I had leftover boiled potatoes, browned in a pan with some Pam spray, and two vegetarian sausage patties. My snacks were 11 almonds and a baggie of baby carrots. I turned down a slice of birthday cake offered to me by a staff member at work. I went out for lunch and had a Caesar salad topped with grilled salmon. My afternoon snack was a small baggie of red grapes. I also went out for dinner. I did indulge and have a glass of red wine, but just one. My dinner was another salad, this time with roasted vegetables on top.

This morning for breakfast, I had the last whole-grain English muffin we had, with a bit of fruit spread on top, and two cups of coffee with soy creamer. For my snack at work, I have had a baggie of baby carrots and 11 almonds with a cup of black coffee.

My lunch is hummus spread on a Lavash wrap (50 calories and low carb) with leftover grilled vegetables. I have a hard-boiled egg also, as well as a nectarine.

I'm not yet sure what we will have for dinner. My husband is a vegetarian and eats no meat or fish at all, so it's a challenge to find things that we can have together for dinner. Sometimes I just have to make two entrees.
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