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Hi everyone! I'm home!

Ugh. I'm not even going to look at the scale for a few days, because not only do I have the traveling/sodium mess to think about, TOM decided to show up and be like OH HEY, HEARD YOU'RE TRAVELING, CAN I COME?! And yeah, good times. Nothing like 8+ hours in a car with cramps that make you cry. JOY.

Anyway. We went out to the church last night, and they had pork barbecue, corn on the cob, cole slaw, a salad that was super yummy, and like 20390 desserts. For 10 people. They had a strawberry and cream dessert, a banana pudding cake thing, frosted cookies, lemon bars, etc etc. Plus my cookie truffles. SO glad I fasted most of the day, because church ladies get offended if you don't eat their food offerings at the potluck. So I sampled a little bit of all the desserts. Ate half of a pork sandwich, half of my corn on the cob, a BIG helping of the salad, and a little hash brown casserole. I think I did fairly well.

After an hour of eating and chatting I excused myself so they could do the interview with my husband (it's not appropriate for me to be present for that), so I wandered around outside the church for a bit. Took a couple pictures of the parsonage, just sat and listened to the sounds that are so different from the city sounds I'm used to. I heard a few cars, but mostly I heard birds, a rooster and some cattle in the distance. It was so peaceful and wonderful and I loved it. But it was already 7pm when I went outside, and then it started getting dark and I didn't want to meet a coyote. I sat under the security lights and played solitaire on a picnic table.

Until 10pm.

That's when my husband was finally allowed to come get me and bring me back inside (I think they lost track of the time, honestly), and while he was out there we calculated up the mileage they needed to reimburse him for traveling. He was outside all of 5 minutes, maybe.

So, we went back inside, and they mentioned a church council meeting on Sunday, and Curtis (my husband) said they hadn't mentioned anything about salary/compensation so I was a little hesitant to be excited. But then they were all "yeah, we don't need to wait for our meeting on Sunday, we didn't need to talk it over, we had a quick vote while you were outside and voted unanimously to move forward."


They will have the compensation discussion later this week via skype and then settle on a weekend where we can go back and worship/visit with the congregation, and Curtis can preach, and the congregation can have the vote. Usually at this point the vote is just a formality and things will move forward.

So, I'm pretty excited and our trip was productive!

Guacamole and Lishar - hello and welcome!

Uber - don't stress the gain! (Should I chime in here with a late SHUT UP, UBER!??) if you've been eating low carb for the most part, and then eat carbs for a meal, it can cause you to retain water just like salt can. I've had a low sodium, carby day and seen a weird bump on the scale before, too. Just relax.

Diane, Laurie and Garnet - Congrats on your victories! Keep it up.

My brain is a bit fried, so I'm gonna go zone out with the TV for a little bit and then go to bed.

Good night!
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