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So. I'm going to go on a little rant now. I have friend, well, a co-worker - I don't think I'd really classify her as a friend - who posted something on facebook that kinda of got under my skin. For the most part, she was belittling the idea of health supplements, implying that they're all for weight loss and full of crap and that the only people who take them are lazy. I'll be honest and up front right now, I take supplements. The supplements are all natural, they're not full of the crap she's constantly screaming that they are. I am very careful about what I put in my body. More importantly, I don't take the supplements I take because I'm lazy and I don't take them for weight loss. I take them because they help with my anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, insomnia and fatigue. I walk roughly two miles a day, I've started swimming again, and I'm doing my own July Fitness challenge with pushups, crunches, and planks. I watch what I eat and I record my calorie consumption honestly.

I think the thing that angers me the most about her post - and post like it - is that the person who posted them weighs maybe 135-140 lbs. She's always been thin. If it wasn't for how much she drinks, she probably wouldn't even have the muffin top she does. I am far more particular about the stuff I put into my body (not that I'm calling you out for your late night Taco Bell runs and multiple Pepsi's you drink within 4 hours at work) and I work harder than you do when I work out. You took your dogs for a walk and came to work crying about how much your feet hurt after a mile. You don't want to climb the ladders to up stock product because "it takes too long" and "it's hot up there" while I embrace the physical excursion.

Where do these types of people get off preaching about what is or is not required? Why, when they've never had to struggle with their weight or losing it, do they believe that they know all the answers? Or that they have a right to belittle those people who do need help? Not everyone's body is the same. Believe it or not, there are people who need some help. As I said, I don't take my supplements to lose weight, but to combat my other problems but the implication that I am lazy because I take health supplements infuriates me. And, for the record, I am losing weight at the same rate I have every other time I've adjusted my lifestyle, but my "lazy pills" are helping regulate my bodies systems so that I do find myself putting on more muscle than before because my body isn't under the false belief that it is going to die. More importantly, aren't I the one to can lift more than you can, Miss "Help me with this pallet, please, it's heavy"? So why don't you climb off your I'm-Better-Than-Thou horse now before I decide to punch you in the face.

Laurie: I'm really sorry about your relationship. I'm sure that, in time, he'll figure out how to express to you what he's feeling. Congrats on adding another .4 lbs to your woosh, by the way. So exciting!

Diane: Isn't it nice when people notice? I can understand how the calorie thing can be tiring. I'm pretty sure I'm an odd duck, because I actually enjoy looking at the numbers. I like having an idea of what my carb-protein-fat ratio looks like and making sure that I'm eating enough calories. Maybe that's why I enjoy doing it so much? Because I'm not having to forgo something because I've already eaten a lot of calories... It's one of those things some people really just don't understand. I put on a lot of my weight in middle and high school not because I was eating too much and not because I was trying to starve myself, but because my depression was so bad I had no desire to get out of bed, let alone eat. I have to admit that I was incredibly reluctant to calorie count the first time I did it during my weight loss in 2009. Every time I've lost since, though, it's always been the first thing I fall back on because I understand my body better than anyone else and I know that I have a habit of not eating enough.

Uber: There are a lot of things that factor in to fluctuations. Not the least of which is stress! So does any exercising you're doing, the amount of water you're drinking and so many other factors. I wouldn't immediately tell yourself that you're not allowed to eat something you enjoy based on a temporary gain. Especially since you are aware that you're approaching a stall point. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to feel in another 20 lbs when I approach my stall point. You'll be okay, girl, you've got this.

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