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Good morning everyone!

Martini: Thanks for the SHUT UP! I need them from time to time!

Garnet: Breaking 230! That's fantastic! And a regular 18! That's fantastic too! You are doing great, in spite of scale freak outs!

Laurie: Scale-related weirdness? Guessing BM weight? Sounds WAY too familiar! I find that I do best when I give in to the scale and just jump on it all the time-- even though I have scale weirdness, at least I always know where I stand. Sorry about the relationship issues-- weight loss, or even making the decision to live healthy does seem to ripple through the family in unexpected ways. My family pretty much eats what I eat, and they don't seem to mind...
generally when I'm trying to lose weight I think I get more creative with cooking

Diane: Your presence on this thread is very comforting-- I think of you as a releasing big sister. Each time, my mind starts down a toxic path, I think of you saying NEVER GIVE UP and it really helps me a lot!

As for me, more SHUT UP UBER needed. The scale bounced up another .4 so I'm sitting at 264.4 instead of 262.8 of two days ago. So, this is where my GOOD FOOD BAD FOOD mindset starts to kick in. I am trying really hard to loosen up a tiny bit, and to eat a wider variety of foods, but whenever I do, I start panicking and thinking it's not going to work... so now I'm convinced that the scale bump is due to eating pasta even though I counted every single calorie in it, even giving myself ALL of the olive oil calories for the recipe even though I only ate part of the recipe. I'm going to go back to how I was eating before (generally, less carbs) for a few days and see if it makes any difference.

Also, I am definitely more stressed right now. I'm about to send the first part of a manuscript to my editor-- and the stakes are pretty high, because last time, he thought it needed a lot of work. And my lovely crazy dad is rejecting the home health care worker that I hired to take care of him. Yesterday, I was feeling that urge to put a little something in my mouth...

I'm reminding myself that I'm at the bottom of my yo-yo zone, and that historically, I've tended to stall out a bit at previous set points. Low 260s has been my default weight for the last 2 years... it's where I plateaued after my regain, and it's also where I seem to stall out on the way down. NOT THIS TIME!!!!!!

Thanks for listening guys!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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