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Hi all! Lots of good things happening on this thread. Love it! Went to Spin this morning. This was the regular class today and then Friday is the MOI class with the heart rate monitor. Well, we'll see how it goes. I was kind of sore this morning from yesterday, so I was glad that this other guy that goes to all the same classes that I do said that he was sore, too. At least it isn't just me. He also said that he and his wife were talking about me and they both noticed that I've been losing weight. He said that he figured he would tell me that they noticed rather than just talking to his wife about it. Ha! That was nice.

But, everything is not always roses. I have to admit that while I have been staying on track fairly well with my food plan, I am having so many thoughts of eating more than I should. For some reason, sweets are just calling my name right now. Not that I want to go back to the old days of not caring what I eat, I was thinking last night about how it used to be that if I wanted to have a candy bar/cookie/ice cream/cake, I would just have it. No thought of how many calories I had for the day. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be like that, but on the other hand, I do get tired of constantly thinking about it. I do let myself have treats occasionally, but not without planning for it, or thinking about it first, or checking the calories before going ahead with it. So tiring.

Uber: Ok, I'll help.... Shut up Uber!!! It is just a little bump and it can't derail your progress! That said, I can so relate to your disappointment. I hate it when there is even just a small gain. It can just send me spiraling into negativity and frustration. HANG IN THERE! You can do it! This will not stop you! Oh and I loved your comment to Martini about once you are 50, people's expectations are lower. I so agree!!

LaurieDawn: It is so hard to work on losing weight without it occupying a large portion of your time. And I think it does make it hard on family members. While they want to be supportive, I know they must get tired of the constant talk of working out/food issues/calorie count. I don't know what the answer is, but I do think it is an issue.

Garnet: Good job on meeting those goals! I had done a plank challenge and I know that 90 seconds is a long time to be in a plank!!! I had to laugh because the longer I held the plank, the more I could feel/hear my back popping, my hips popping, and other 50 year old issues.

Lishar: Welcome! You seem to have a good plan going and I'm with everyone else... don't buy new clothes. You can do it!!

Martini: Yep, the mental part of this process is so tiring....
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