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Default third day on Sonoma

I realize I may be talking to myself here, so I will just treat this as a journal in case nobody else reads it! I was McDougalling, but not losing weight, so I decided I had to switch course. Sonoma feels right because there are still some carbs, just fewer than on a low-fat vegan or vegetarian diet. I don't want to eat poultry, beef, pork, etc. but I do eat fish, so I am trying to do this as a pescetarian, which is darn hard. Still, I finally see a small amount of movement on the scale. I am eating potatoes though, even though they are not recommended as a carb on Sonoma. I have them and I believe it's a sin to throw food out. I don't put butter or sour cream etc. on them, and so far I don't think it's hurting me to eat unadulterated white potatoes. I also had a asweet potato with my dinner last night, just baked, no butter.
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