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Lishar - So good to see you here! It's nice when old friends join and we achieve success together again.

Uber - Scale bounces are the worst! But they are completely part of the journey. I remember when I got my first really high scale bounce (I think I gained almost five pounds after indulging in some high-sodium (but low-cal) food.) I came to this forum desperately trying to figure it out, and was collectively told that I needed to chill. Isn't it nice that we already know that we need to chill when these random events happen? At 33 pounds down (this time), you know you can do this. I'm just grateful you're doing it with me, cuz it's fun to have you around.

Martini - Thanks for both the woo-hoo and the empathy with the mental issues on the scale. I appreciate being both heard and understood.

Garnet - Both scale and clothing victories! And inches lost to boot! Woot! These are the times that sustain us when it gets more challenging, yet as you can see from my post, sometimes they're really hard to trust.

Down again on the scale this morning by .4. I actually was just really hoping to hold onto my whoosh, so I am really excited to get another good result. The desire to show trainer boy is delightfully motivational at keeping me on track, and the knowledge that I am going to be weighing in the morning is helping me too, though I am seeing some of the old scale-related weirdness coming into play -- like evaluating the potential weight loss from a BM.

I have fed hubby dinner the last two days, and that seems to be working out all right. Not sure he loves my food, but he's eating it without too much complaint. Ironically, though, there seems to be some unresolved issue between us that is making our relationship a little chillier than I would like, and I am fighting my desire to blame it on the weight loss. Not the weight loss itself, of course, as that is not really noticeable yet, and I'm well within my weight range of when we have been together, but the food oddities and the time expended working out. But even these are not new. So, I am working hard on being patient with him while he figures this out (he won't talk to me about it), and taking care of myself while he does.
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