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Hey Ladies! I'm at work on a tablet so its a little hard to do a big update but I wanted to say welcome to our newcomers. When I get home, I'll pop back on and do a real update.

Home again! Here's all the good things that happened today.

First, I stepped on the scale four or five times. I saw 228.8 x2, 228.6 x2, and 228.2. In a weird way, I was almost a little frustrated that it wasn't a higher number. I feel like I don't trust the scale but the scale doesn't lie! That means that in the last two weeks, I've lost 5 lbs and 6.5 inches!

Some other good news! I can now fit into regular size 18 instead of women's 18! Also, dropped off the return of service at them court house. And hit -5 to my BMI and my 90 sec plank goal.

Mandy: Look forward to hearing all about how the truffles go over at the potluck. They sound yummy! You'll hit 299 soon, too. 230 was taunting me for a while.

guacamole: Welcome to our corner! I am so sorry to hear about your leg. And I know what it feels like to have to rebuild your motivation. Thankfully, the first step is usually the hardest.

Laurie: I can relate to that, too! While I didn't lose as much, I did break the 230 threshold and I was terribly reluctant to actually believe it. But we both need to allow ourselves to enjoy and relish on our success without feeling the need to qualify it.

Diane: It's great that he is able to support you by challenging you to challenge yourself. It shows how much he believes in your success and that he knows sometimes you just need that kick in the butt to do what you already know needs to be done.

Lishar: Welcome aboard. Don't beat yourself up over a backslide, apat yourself on the back for catching it and deciding to fix it.

Uber: Oh if you could only hear how Shut up, Uber! Sounds in my head... Lol! Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the rise on the scale. It can be frustrating, but we all know that not happens.

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