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Slipfree- Thank you For sharing this. I think I'm going to screenshot this with my iPad to save because a lot of it really resonated with me and it's really well written to boot. I keep having these thoughts that I should have pushed myself harder and stayed on P1 longer just to be skinnier than I've ever been. I think I just want to know what it's like to be considered skinny or thin since I've usually been average or overweight. I like how this article reminds us to see the beauty in what we've already accomplished instead of missing the weight loss phase. Great find....thanks again for sharing.

I have my first maintenance weigh in tomorrow. I was at the same weight as last WI yesterday. It's almost TOM again, so I wouldn't be surprised if my WI is a lb or 2 higher, but as the previous post points out...this is normal. My stomach and face feel/look a little bit puffier than when I was in P3. Did this happen to anyone else?

I put together a gift bag and card for my coach. I almost cured when I was filling out the card. I'm excited to give it to her. I'm really going to miss my weekly weigh ins and chats with her. I've had the same coach for the whole nine months of IP, so I've gotten attached to her. She's been a huge supporter the whole time and it's hard to let go. I'm sure we'll stay in touch, but I'll miss our weekly appointments.
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