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Mandy: Hope things are going great in Indiana. We are all rooting for you! And lucky ducks who get to eat those truffles-- you are a champ for not eating them all yourself (in one sitting..)

Diane: My worst is always the over the head, shoulders weights, and next, definitely biceps, but then you get those awesome toned arms! Regarding calorie obsession... I maintained around 190 for a year after I lost all the weight. That was a size twelve for me and I was pretty happy with it. During that time, I followed my basic eating rules but allowed myself indulgences-- a cocktail when out to dinner, desserts on holidays, that type of thing. It wasn't that bad. I didn't gain back the weight because of creep... I gained it back REALLY FAST when I was under way too much pressure of various kinds and I just sort of snapped and went back to hard core binge eating... like an entire quarter sheet cake-- that type of thing. I wish now that I had gone to therapy right then-- live and learn.

Guacamole: Welcome! Why is it that restarting seems so hard? I don't know, because when you're in the groove it's a lot easier. We all get where you're coming from! Happy you're here.

Martini: Wise words about not listening to negativity. I'm much better about that now that I'm older-- really, when you're in your 50s, people's expectations are a lot lower, so it gets easier!

Laurie Dawn: Hooray for the WHOOSH! You have absolutely earned it! And I have no doubt you'll earn the trainer challenge too. Honestly, you have made me want to slap him!

Jessica: There is no stress worse than making ends meet stress (well, except for crazy husband stress-- that's worse.) Good luck on finding the job, and good for you for working on food while juggling other stresses-- just getting some of the weight off will make you feel so good about yourself that everything else will seem easier.

Lishar: DON'T BUY NEW CLOTHES! You're here and you will be right back down before you know it.

So, disappointing scale day. I'm up 1.5 for no apparent reason-- no high sodium to blame. Nothing. Just a random bounce. Unfortunately, I'm also pretty stressed today. I've got several stressful things going on the home front and also several stressful things going on the work front.... so, the gain, and the stress made me think a few of those "who cares, it's all hopeless, I'll always be fat..." kinds of thoughts.

Luckily, I felt as if I could hear you guys in the background shouting SHUT UP UBER! So I'm still on track.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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