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Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Liana, before IP, I was in a committed relationship with Ben & Jerry. IP brought on our separation. We have since divorced with no hope of ever reconciling, lol. It used to be my go to for stress release during the school year, so much has changed in a year.

As for eating pizza, I have always tended to eat a lot less in front of other people. If I ordered a small pizza, I could eat 3/4 of it at home, with other people-2 pieces.

The amazing thing about this year is how much my relationship with food has changed. Food no longer speaks to me, it is as though it has lost it's power. Food is just food. I just do not see it as my comfort any more. I realize that if I am hungry I need to eat. If I am really hungry, a healthy snack will do the trick. I also learned on IP that just because my tummy rumbles, does not mean I am going to die from hunger. The role food played in my life has completely changed and I am grateful.

Newbies- how has your relationship with food changed?

Phase 1 for me today. Had a deck day yesterday, it was so much fun. Today I must pay the piper.
I am a recovering pizza and Ben and Jerry's addict too and have had relapses during IP. I think it's a good idea to stick to eating trigger foods in restaurants and/or in social settings only and not bring that stuff in the house.

To answer your question about how my relationship with food has changed is that for the most part, I willingly and peacefully make healthy decisions for myself about what I will and will not put in my body instead of constantly being conflicted about my desire to be thin/healthier and my cravings got junk.

My emotional eating is gone for the most part, but when PMS/TOM, REALLY stressful situations at work, and my tendency toward depression/anxiety collude, I occasionally binge or eat off plan. The crazy thing is that binging no longer comforts me. I feel gross and even more anxious and depress when I do overeat or binge. I no longer get the relaxing, full feeling....I feel emotionally worse and physically sick.

I'm optimistic that as I make more positive changes in my life, both food and non-food related, that the emotional eating will stop. I quit smoking cold turkey and made it through IP without giving up, so I know I have the strength to put the disordered eating to rest forever. When that will be, I don't know because it's a process. Fortunately now, I have lots of motivation and tools to maintain my weight and I'm actively trying to change some things that make me unhappy.

Long winded response...I'm glad you had fun at the deck party! I think it feels good to do P1 after the fun day/meal whereas before I'd just sit around feeling bloated without a solution.

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