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Cookie dough truffle report: So far, I've managed to eat only 2 of them. 1 yesterday, and one the day before after I made them (cook deserves to sample her work, right?). I gave several of them away, and my husband has eaten like 8 of them. He LOVES them. I'm thinking we'll take the rest up to Indiana with us as something to bring with to contribute to the potluck. (Yeah, they are doing a potluck dinner for us right before they do his interview... Oy, calories)

Martini - This going scaleless is a good time to rely on measurements, how your clothes fit, how you feel, progress pictures, etc! More than one way to see your progress, the scale is only one way. I'm sure you'll do great!

Diane - they were good, and didn't do/check anything we didn't ask them to check. The thing they are replacing was a part that I already knew was probably going to need replaced. One side of it has been broken for over a year now, and the other side broke a couple weeks ago. It needed to be fixed before lots of travel. And I totally hear you on the daily weighing! When the weight is going down, it's very motivating, but when it's barely moving it can be SO frustrating!

Uber - That blog is mostly dessert and sweet treats, but she does have several regular meals, and healthy eats. It's where I go when I need to make a dessert for a gathering. Awesome that you've hit the bottom of your yo-yo zone, but make sure you're eating enough! Don't fall into the "I want to lose FAST so eating is BAD" state of mind. I've been there, it ends in binges heh. I have to tell myself pretty regularly that food is not evil, that it's fuel my body needs to function.

Speaking of food being fuel... My tummy is rumbling, so I'm gonna go grab a late lunch.

Have a great day y'all!
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