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Hi All! I've still been attached to my scale every day now. I have always thought that it was a bad idea to do that, but I'm beginning to think that maybe I was wrong about that. Without jinxing myself for my official weigh in tomorrow, I was at 147.6 this morning. That's down about 4.2 from last Monday. Now.... I had gone up as of last Monday, so I am not concerned about a big loss. I really feel like my body is releasing a lot of fluids that I had retained as of last week. But, I feel like I might be more mindful of what I'm eating when I weigh every day or every other day. It is making me a little obsessive, but I'm ok with being obsessive for a while. I've wanted to make a big effort to get this weight off, so that I can live a little more normally. I don't know, weighing daily just goes against everything I've ever thought about weight loss. But, I've struggled so much in the past, maybe a change in thought is good.

Martini: So, you're having to do exactly the opposite of my obsessiveness. I think that's good, though. If you still keep on track and keep your focus, then hopefully you'll have a nice surprise when you do get back to the scale.

Mandy: Good news about the cats! Bad news about the car. I just hate dealing with car issues. It seems like they always find more than what you originally went in for. I'm sure it is legit, but it is frustrating!!!

Uber: 21 pounds is so great! I hope you see 258 soon. I know that once you break through a barrier, it is just such a good feeling. I've reached through a couple of barriers, and it is so great, but so strange. I keep thinking "Ok, tomorrow I'm going to wake up and it won't be happening." And sometimes I feel like it will suddenly stop and I'll head back up the scale. But, I think that staying connected here and just taking it day by day is helping.

Lotus: Hope you had a great time being out of town! So good to get some new scenery!
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