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I'm so happy to hear how well everyone is doing!

LaurieDawn - **** fatshaming trainer. That is not cool. Fatshaming's also been shown in studies to be incredibly ineffective as a motivating tool.

Is he getting paid when you make the appointment to see him again in two months? If so, you might consider that in how you respond. You can make an appointment to see him again - which, in my eyes, is pretty much saying that he is important enough for you to actually respond to - or... You can lose weight and make an appointment with another trainer at the same time that the fatshaming trainer is there. Go up to him quickly and say something along the lines of "I've met my goal but your lack of professionalism and knowledge is so offensive that I've decided to work with another trainer."

In other words, take the Pretty Woman "do you work on commission?"-scene and apply it to that idiot trainer.

Diane - My muscles are hurting just reading about all of those classes!

Über - Congratülations!!! 21lb is so, so, so awesome!!!

Mandy - I love the Oxford comma picture! That and the idea of "plant sex" has had me chuckling all morning. I'm sorry to hear that your car is in the shop, but it's wonderful that you're dealing with it by dealing with it and not by eating.

I'm coming up on the end of my first full week 100% on plan. What is making that little milestone more interesting is that I don't have a scale. I'm away from home until mid-August and have a cobbled together living arrangement. It's good and it's functional, but it doesn't have all the little odds and ends - like a scale - that one has at home. I got my start weight from a dermatologist's office scale last Saturday and, since then, I've been blind in terms of weight loss.

What I really like about not weighing myself is that I'm forced to look at how I eat as "this is just how it is" and not as something I'm doing to achieve a specific goal. That's really cool and I can see it eventually being useful for maintenance. In the morning I write down what I'm going to eat for the day and then forget about food unless I'm actually eating. I like that sense of freedom.

What is a little bit more frustrating is that seeing the numbers go down is a really useful motivator. The first time around with weight loss I worked with decades and going from the 290s to 280s and so on kept me motivated for months.

I wish I had good scale news to share with all of you, but maybe it's better for me to stay in the dark a little bit longer. Another five weeks of practicing life with a different relationship to food can't do me any harm!
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