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Uber - my favorite thing about it is as long as your dots stay below the line, you're losing weight. It gives you a "trend" weight below which you can bounce around a bit, but I'm assuming if you go above it, that will change the trend somehow. I also like the "in one month" trend prediction. I'm averaging about 3 pounds below the trend line, and my one month prediction is about 10 pounds below my current trend weight, so I think I'm on the right path here. Lose quickly while I've still got a LOT to lose and still can lose quickly, and slow it down as I get closer to goal. Hurray for getting so close to a mini goal! My first one is about 5 pounds away, too.

Lotus - I hope you enjoy your long weekend! Hubby and I will be leaving on Monday and be back Wednesday evening. Hopefully he'll take his laptop and let me borrow it like last time. (And that the hotel actually has wifi, we might be staying in a small town mom and pop hotel, wifi isn't necessarily guaranteed! Depends on where the church books the reservation for us.

So, I have some good news, some annoying news, and some bad news... None of which are super life altering, but still.

The good news is... My cats are finally getting along again after Brownie had her surgery. Last night I caught them snuggling in a chair together, and today I caught them grooming each other. I think that the hissing and posturing is done, and I can safely leave with hubby on Monday!

The annoying news is apparently something in nature is still horny and my sinuses don't like the tree/plant sex because my allergies are acting up and my sinuses are very unhappy. Probably grass, I'm most sensitive to grass pollen, though oak pollen gets me a little bit, too.

The bad news is my car is in the shop. Hubby took it in for a tire rotation (which was gonna cost all of $10!) and they found that both of the torque bearing motor mounts are broken and need replaced. Luckily they found a parts place that has the replacements available, because it's hard to find for my car since they aren't made anymore and it's 13 years old. So, that'll be $350 (which is really good for a car repair, usually I don't walk out of a mechanic for less than $500!) and I have to remind myself that maintenance and a couple repairs here and there are still cheaper than a new car's monthly payments and jacked up insurance rates! So, when we go to pick up the car, we'll walk over to get it since it's about a half a mile away.

Just for fun, here's the chart I got on (the blue dots are their predicted weight for that day because I didn't record one, and the pink dots are weights I did record. the blue line connecting them is the trend, and the one above it shows my weight 4 weeks ago, and that trend).

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