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I am just plain flabbergasted by the earlier post where someone didn't know they should use a scale, and weight themselves, and the federal government should have told them. I cannot even comprehend living life without intellectual curiosity and the desire to seek out information.

As for blame - 70/30, with 70% being my own fault. Fault. Blame. Yes.

The 30% does come from upbringing; I was given large plates of spaghetti, and had to clean the plate before I left the table. Due to our religion, school sports were not allowed. I probably have a very middle of the road build and metabolism, but was always a bit chubby due to the way we lived our life.

But by age 18, I knew good and well that I needed to move my body and eat whole foods. So the 30lbs extra I packed on top of the 20 my parents gave me was all me. Did I have it a little harder than my peers who played soccer daily and were never taught to eat large portions? Sure. That is the 30%.

But anyone who told you life is fair was lying; we don't start on an even playing field. Some of us have a ton of work to do in order to maintain a healthy weight, and some of us don't. Some of us had to do 3 hours a night of homework to pass, and some of us got As without trying. That is life.
For the first time in my life, I believe that I can be slender, fit and toned. I always just thought that didn't apply to me. Why?

Goal 1: No longer obese - 185lbs: Reached 12/19/14!
Goal 2: Normal BMI - 154lbs: Reached 3/5/16!
Final Goal: 120lbs
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