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I've determined that the problem we have with Bogey is anxiety. I took him in to have his nails trimmed yesterday and the groomer at first had to say no as he tried to bite her. He's done the same with me but never bites down--just makes the attempt with an open mouth and I can understand her concern as she's never worked with him before. They ended up giving him Rescue Remedy to calm him down and that seemed to work a little. Then some friends suggested getting him a Thundershirt to wear when he goes places that might cause him anxiety (the vet for instance). Another thing that makes me think it's anxiety is that as soon as we walked in the groomer's place all Bogey's training went out the door. He pulled on his leash, barked, jumped up on the counter to see what was up there. He calmed down after his nails were trimmed but I didn't like that he didn't listen. The guy at the counter agreed that anxiety could be the problem and that often shepherds have that type of anxiety. Once I get the thunder shirt I'll use it to try and trim his nails myself again. If it works I'll know for sure.

Less than 2 weeks until DD's wedding. We leave for Napa a week from tomorrow.

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